Primus Animo

Primus Animo

Primus Animo, which translates to ‘Prime Mind’ in Latin, is a course of lessons that aim to maximise the potential of our mind and create the best life possible. Topics include: therapy, healing, life skills, education, self-improvement, growth, and evolution. The lessons are grouped into volumes, and you can buy lessons individually or an entire volume which is based around a theme.

Each lesson comes as a downloadable PDF booklet, containing important facts, statistics, strategies, quotes, and recommend resources. There is also an HD desktop wallpaper, and a bonus extra (varies depending on the lesson, e.g song, video.)

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Volume I - Healing

Lesson I - Beat Anxiety

This lesson includes an overview of anxiety (what it is, causes, symptoms, statistics), 13 strategies to help overcome it, 3 inspirational quotes, recommend books/videos/songs, links to other resources, a relaxing video, a 10 minute relaxing song, and a HD desktop wallpaper.

Lesson II - Coming soon!