Looking for music for your next game, film or media project?

Scott is an experienced composer, who has been playing an writing music for over 15 years, and can compose music in a variety of styles and genres including rock, metal, orchestral, electronic and retro.

Whether you need a bold and heroic theme, soft background ambience, or intense action music, Scott will write a score that is tailor made to your project and needs.

Just send an email to inquire about rates or other questions you might have: [email protected]

Or fill out my contact form here: www.luxbellator.com/contact

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Soundcloud Playlist – Demo Reel

2016 Demo Reel


“Sounds amazing! Fantastic job. Wow. This is perfect. Amazing job.” – Patrick Howe (Sol Prime)

“This is quite possibly one of the greatest things ive ever heard man. i love it!” Joseph Bullock (Stigmata Awakening)

“Wow, I like it a lot. I think it fits pretty well as battle music” – Pedro Zea (M.EXE)

“Just had a listen, very impressed! You nailed the moody, atmospheric yet foreboding vibe quite well” – Wesley Jones (‘VF’)

Example of music – Game: INSIGHT