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Mind Over Matter is the ongoing writing project by Scott Houghton. It covers various topics from psychology and philosophy, to spirituality and self-actualisation. It’s about learning to use your mind to overcome problems, improve yourself and achieve the best life possible.

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How to Deal with Suicidal Feelings

Introduction Suicide is the intentional taking of your own life, which invariably is preceded by suicidal thoughts and feelings. This post aims to address and shed some light on this difficult but important health problem. According to a recent article on time.com, “U.S. suicide rates are at their highest since World War II, according to […]


Overcoming Depression

Are you feeling depressed, or do you know someone else who is? Read on to find about more about what it is it, and learn a number strategies to help prevent it, or reduce the severity of the symptoms if you have it.   INTRO Depression is a common mental health problem, which can be […]


10 Quick Mind Hacks

Here are 10 quick mind hacks, to help you get the most out of your life: 1) Goals – To increase the chances of achieving your goals, turn them into S.M.A.R.T goals, which stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. (Bonus tip – Divide your goals into three categories: short term, mid term, and long […]



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4 weeks ago

Mind Over Matter - Scott Houghton

Quote: "Just because someone stumbles, loses their way, it doesn’t mean they’re lost forever. Sometimes we all need a little help." ~ Charles Xavier

My interpretation: Don’t be too eager to give up on someone, including yourself, just because they have gone off the right track. If we abandoned hope for all sinners, there would be no one left to have faith in.

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Motivational video – We Got Scared

Check out this powerful video called ‘We got scared’, which perfectly encapsulates the dark and light forces which have guided humans throughout history.

Best quotes:

0:52 “Nature made us masters of survival but didn’t give us the tools to understand the world. All we knew about life was death we inflected upon others and it reminded us of our own fate.”

2:19 “We ruled and blessed a land we walked upon but our common heritage was a lost memory. We are turned into neighbours divided by distance and language.”

3:01 “Our survival blood nourished our grabbing hands but the grass was always greener on the other side. We were trapped under the colour of our banner and the sense of fulfilment was nowhere to be found.”

3:57 “We fell down on our knees and pray, and we only saw shadows of ghosts. So we got scared and we found new ways to destroy each other.”

4:11 “Look at us now, we are so scared. We surrender our hearts and minds to dogmatic ideologies and we celebrate death and destruction as our greatest masterpiece.”

5:31 “We caressed a world with our consciousness and we evolved intellectually and morally, and we reached insights far beyond what our fearful ancestors could ever have imagined.”

5:46 “We’re all connected to each other by our common heritage and we share the tree of life with every living thing.”

6:24 “We stand alone in understanding the concept of a better world and we have the only minds that can make dreams possible.”

6:30 “We have proven time and again that when we put our efforts together we have the power to achieve greatness.”

6:55 “By climbing on the shoulders of giants we got the courage to leap up from our world, and we have touched the surface of our celestial neighbour with our footsteps.”

7:56 “Only when we accept that we’re not going to live forever will we be able to truly appreciate the short spark of our existence and live our lives fulfilled.”


#motivation #motivational #inspiration #inspirational #morality #history #consciousness #humanity #speech #wisdom #wegotscared #mindovermatter
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