Embrace The Darkness (Carl Jung & The Shadow)

This video by youtuber Einzelgänger is about ‘the shadow’, a concept by Carl Jung to describe the unconscious part of the mind. It talks about the importance of exploring this side of ourselves, and how and why we should begin to integrate it.

Best quotes

0:07 “The more we repress, the more we cultivate an unconscious entity called the shadow. These unwanted characteristics may be hidden behind the masks we wear.”

0:17 “As long as they are repressed, they will get back at us eventually. That’s why it’s important to recognise our shadow and to embrace it.”

2:36 “Some people simply deny that they possess negative traits, or heavily reductionise their undesirable characteristics, but doing so is basically an act of betrayal, not only to oneself but to the environment as well.”

3:26 “The truth is that nothing can erupt in us if the seed isn’t already present. The more we deny these darker sides, the denser the shadow becomes.”

5:31 “This process of integration starts with awareness. Projection, for example, is actually a great opportunity to discover the things we repress by being mindful of our own reactions towards other people’s characteristics.”

6:38 “The integration of the shadow is a lifelong process.”

7:27 “The shadow, being part of ourselves, is like a living organism that’s always in flux, and some of it has never seen the light of the day.”

8:00 “From a Jungian perspective, let’s not try to be the light, while simultaneously rejecting the darkness. Instead, let’s stand between the darkness and the light without judgment.”


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