Hate and love

Hate is the weapon of the weak; love is the armour of the strong,

We think the ego has the answers; the heart contained them all along,

Ripples in the pond of delusion, obscuring the once reflected light,

First the waters must calm; stillness of mind is how you win the fight.

Kensington Avenue

Lost souls, smokin’ bowls,

On the dole, no parole,

Take a stroll, pay your toll,

Black hole slum, drop and roll,

No more dreams, no more goals,

No more classes to enroll,

Out of jobs, and out of roles,

Suppers served: rat-egg roll.

How Dare You

We ignored science for too long, so we better listen to Greta,

Otherwise Winter will get colder, and Summer will get wetter,

Will humanity survive this century? It has yet to be seen,

A post-wonderful world, I only see wheelie bins of green,

How dare you choose to screw us few who knew the truth!

A ruined future for Gen Z: the disillusioned youth,

The climate catastrophe has come faster than expected, 

Countless men will die in wars, but women still most affected.


When you’re at your weakest, it’s time to become even stronger,

When you’re at breaking point, just hold on a little longer,

Remember “This too shall pass”, until it comes around again,

Perhaps its negative effect will be somewhat lesser then.

They say a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor,

But I still fell overboard, now I’m wet, where’s my tailor?

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; 

The realist adjusts the sails, your beliefs need to rearrange.

They tried to steal my light, won’t give it back without a fight,

It was an illusion all along, I had no power, but I was wrong,

Lose your keys and your marbles; just never lose your soul,

A life lived with its absence, is not a worthwhile goal.

Since all of life is actually internally constructed,

They’ll make you think otherwise, their tactics are seductive,

A purpose is like a house, the stronger it is, the less it sways, 

Make sure it has a roof, you’ll thank me on rainy days.

This poem once had 4 verses, but I need to add one more,

A final analogy; picture a captive prisoner of war,

The bars are your limits, and the prisoner is you,

The war is circumstances, which exit will you choose?

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