Hate and love Hate is the weapon of the weak; love is the armour of the strong, We think the ego has the answers; the heart contained them all along, Ripples in the pond of delusion, obscuring the once reflected light, First the waters must calm; stillness of mind is how you win the fight. […]

Advice for Incels

Introduction Incel stands for ‘involuntary celibate’, and represents a demographic of people who are unable or unsuccessful at getting a romantic or sexual partner. Unlike asexuals, who have little to no sexual desire, incels do have romantic and/or sexual desires but are not getting their needs met. According to one poll, the majority of responders […]

Mental Health

Introduction Mental health is an incredibly important part of overall human health, but it is still misunderstood and stigmatised by many. Fortunately, there has been much progress over the centuries in terms of humanity’s understanding and treatment of the various ailments that afflict the human mind, ranging from anxiety and depression, to psychosis and post-traumatic […]


I love motivational videos! Not only do I love them, but I really needed them at various times in my life. Below is a list of some of my favourites, which may hopefully help others too. 😊 (Bonus quotes at the bottom). Videos 1) We got scared – This powerful and thought-provoking video perfectly […]

Self Love

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” ~ Lucille Ball Self Love If we want to create a more peaceful and loving world, we must first be able to achieve this ourselves by practicing self love in a healthy and […]

Racism Towards Whites

Introduction Anti-black racism has a long and reasonably well documented history in various countries around the world, namely the United States, with its legacy of slavery and segregation. Other nationalities also played a role in the discrimination and oppression of black people, such as the British, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, and the Danish, who also […]

How to Deal With Paranoia

Introduction Paranoia is a thought process that often involves persecutory beliefs or conspiratorial thinking, and may be triggered or exacerbated by anxiety and fear. It is typically characterised by the expression “everyone is out to get me.” A general distrust of others, false accusations, and attributing meaning where there is none may also accompany paranoia. […]


Beauty is all around us, but sometimes we forget to look. Seeking and appreciating the beauty in the world, is not only a fulfilling and enjoyable activity, but it can also have beneficial effects to our mental and spiritual wellbeing. It is easy to overlook or even neglect the beauty in the world. The beauty […]

How to Handle Rejection

Introduction The experience of rejection is a painful, yet common one that will affect most people at some point in their life. It may occur in the following situations: interpersonal, romantic, family estrangement, and employment.. One of the reasons rejection can be a difficult and unpleasant experience is that we all naturally have needs for […]