Steve Vai – Life Lessons

This video features American guitarist Steve Vai, who shares some words of wisdom and lessons he has learned in life. He also covers his experience of depression, and how he tried to get out of it.

0:00 “If you change the way you’re looking at something, whatever you’re looking at will change.”

0:28 “Probably three or four years ago I started to really understand the power of personal choice. Because we think that we’re trapped. See, we create our own identity, and our identity is forged by the way we view our past experiences, and we’re all prisoners of that shit.”

1:59 ‘Whatever you really, really, really want, you get, and whatever you really, really, really, don’t want you get; because, whatever your mind is focussing on, you pull these things into your life.”

2:26 “The world is relative, it’s the way you see yourself that shapes the world. It doesn’t shape the world; it shapes your perspective on the world.”

2:42 “We all have these very subtle, intuitive moments of clarity, but you have to want them. If you’re stuck in a particular way of thinking for your whole life, you’re not going to get them.”


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