Violence Towards Vegans

Despite the fact that some people claim vegans are ‘violent’, ‘militant’, or ‘extremists’, and often use these excuses to justify them not becoming a vegan, there is a growing list of evidence to the contrary—that it is nonvegans who are usually the violent ones:



  1. Farmer assaults vegan activist Earthling Ed –

  2. Punched in the face for bearing witness –

  3. Farmer goes crazy and wanted to knock activist out –

  4. DxE activists beaten by security at Bernie Sanders rally in Oakland –

  5. Meat worker assaults vegan then calls police –

  6. “Gonna get beat up” –

  7. Fury As Waitrose Food Editor Jokes About ‘Killing Vegans’ –

  8. Vegan activist assaulted –

  9. Vegan schoolboy ‘headbutted and punched by bully –

  10. Customer assaults vegan at whole foods –

  11. Animal Rights Activist assaulted –

  12. Slaughterhouse security hits activist –

  13. Angry fur hag –

  14. Angry farmer, fires shotgun warning shot –

  15. ‘Vegans should be punched’ –

  16. Violence at Canada Goose protest –

  17. Threatening comments by farmers –

  18. Hunters attack saboteurs –

  19. Two vegan restaurants attacked by racists and fascists –

  20. Pro-hunting thug ‘breaks saboteur’s nose’ with headbutt –

  21. Vegan activist assaulted for filming inside of a slaughterhouse –

  22. Vegan cars flipped over by angry farmers –

  23. Slaughterhouse worker attacks activists –

  24. Butcher attacks blind, peaceful activist –



Unfortunately, it is very likely that violence towards vegans will continue and perhaps increase as the transition towards a vegan world continues. Other rights movements in history tend to follow the same pattern.

My advice to vegans, especially if you are an activist, is the following:

1) Be wise

2) Learn basic self defence

3) Get a support network

4) Keep a phone/camera on you at all times.

If anyone has more evidence, either anecdotally or pictures and videos, then feel free to share.

Thanks for reading.



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