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Carnism and Pinocchio – Parallels and Lessons

Introduction I recently watched Pinocchio, and couldn’t help but notice some parallels to carnism and veganism. For those who haven’t seen the film, there is a scene where Pinocchio and a group of boys are taken to ‘Pleasure Island’ by a character called The Coachman. On this island they engage in various hedonistic activities, such […]

The Link Between Animal Cruelty and Human Violence

Introduction For a while now, there has been an established link between cruelty to animals and human violence, which not enough people seem to know about. This post aims to address that, and to encourage people to go vegan, if they haven’t already done so. Evidence – “…The findings indicate that slaughterhouse employment increases […]

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Fish

Here’s a list of reasons why you should eliminate fish from your diet: Fish Sentience “The collective evidence is now robust enough that biologists and veterinarians increasingly accept fish pain as a reality.” “Having examined the research that has been done for some species of fish (a relatively small number of species have […]

Animal Facts

Here’s some interesting facts about animals that are regularly used in factory farming around the world. Consider adopting a plant based diet, and live more ethically. Animal Facts

Vegan Overview

Here’s a list of reasons why you should go vegan: ETHICS – Over 56 billions animals are killed every year for food, even though there are cruelty free alternatives – – Animals are more similar to us than many people realise. They have emotions, feel pain, have families and want to live without suffering […]

Motivation for vegan activists

Intro Being a vegan (especially an activist) can be challenging at times, so I wrote this post to help motivate and inspire others to continue fighting for animal rights, despite the difficulties it can sometimes present. All rights movements in history take time to become the new paradigm, and are often met with resistance of […]

Vegan Excuses Picture Album

Vegan Excuses Picture Album I made an album of pictures (15 + free wallpaper) to help when debating others about the arguments around veganism. These are some of the most common logical fallacies and responses I’ve seen, and perhaps I will add more in the future. Under each pictures there’s also a link for further […]