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Veganism Can Help to Prevent Zoonotic Diseases

Introduction The current coronavirus pandemic has caused heated discussions around the world about what caused it, whether we did enough to contain it, and how to prevent things like this from happening again. The source of the outbreak is believed to have originated in a ‘wetmarket’ in Wuhan, China. Source: In a vegan world the […]

Why You Shouldn’t Support the Dairy Industry

Introduction This post aims to highlight some of the problems with the dairy industry, and to further our understanding about the sentience of cows. This post focuses on cows, since they are the mostly commonly exploited for milk (82 percent). Other animals used for milk include: water buffalo, goat, sheep, camels, donkeys, horses, reindeer, and […]

The Similarities Between Dogs and Pigs

Introduction Unfortunately, due to speciesism (the discrimination of species) and carnism (the ideology that supports the use and consumption of animal products), many people around the world have been raised to believe that certain animals deserve moral consideration, whereas others do not. In addition to this, there is a general lack of understanding of the […]

The Importance of Vegan Activism

What is activism Activism is the efforts to change society in some way, usually because of injustice, inequality, or oppression. Forms of activism include: writing letters, signing petitions, making art, running or contributing to a political campaign, rallies, marches, protests, strikes, sit-ins, boycotting, and civil disobedience. When collective action is purposeful, organized, and sustained over […]

Climate Change and Veganism

Introduction Climate change, despite still being denied by many, is a well established theory with overwhelming evidence to support it. Climate scientists have been warning governments around the world for decades to take necessary steps to reduce global carbon emissions to avoid climate catastrophe, but so far not enough has been done to combat this […]

Why Slaughterhouses Should Be Illegal

Introduction Slaughterhouses have no place in the 21st century; they are barbaric, unnecessary, cause suffering to both animals and humans, and the killing of countless lives who wanted to live and be free. Problems Mental health problems – [1] [2] Amputations – Slaughterhouse workers are more likely to be violent Slaughterhouses and increased crime rates [1] [2] […]

Violence Towards Vegans

Introduction Despite the fact that some people claim vegans are ‘violent’, ‘militant’, or ‘extremists’, and often use these excuses to justify them not becoming a vegan, there is a growing list of evidence to the contrary—that it is nonvegans who are usually the violent ones:   Evidence Farmer assaults vegan activist Earthling Ed – Punched […]