Narcissism Evolving: 3 Disturbing Trends

In this video Sam Vaknin, writer and professor of psychology, discusses the trends of narcissism in the world that should be of concern to us all.

Trend 1) Women are now as narcissistic as men.

Trend 2) More narcissists are becoming psychopathic or antisocial.

Trend 3) Less people have role models, and more people claim superiority.

Best quotes

5:32 “Today, everyone, never matter how unintelligent, never mind how ignorant, or unaccomplished, everyone claim superiority.”

6:20 “We owe it to ourselves to try to become better; to know more, to learn more, to try more, to achieve more.”

6:59 “Pathological envy had fully substituted for learning and self improvement. Experts, scholars, and intellectuals are scorned, derided, or even threatened.”

7:22 “We live in a society where no one can be better than anyone else, and everyone thinks that everyone else is inferior to them; that they are the pinnacle and the culmination of creation.”

7:37 “This is narcissism writ large, and it’s going to kill all of us and destroy all of us as a species. You have been warned.”

Related quotes

“How do you overcome the suffering of life? Be a better person.” ~ Jordan Peterson (Picture)

“When we discover an inferiority in ourselves we should not be depressed, no disaster has taken place, but we have discovered our humanity.” ~ Carl Jung (Picture)

“You were always enough, but if you learn to see yourself through a lens that is warped by the projections of wounded souls, then you may arrive at a less fulfilling conclusion.” (Picture)


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